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The pristine beaches, rugged terrain and bustling coastal cities in this part of the world are the living embodiment of variety. Choose your preferred tour and undertake a circumnavigation of the Australian Coastline with us!

Trips For True City Dwellers


Bordering two fantastic beaches, the city has some great surfing spots in and around the area with a lovely backdrop in the form of the verdant Illawarra Escarpment.


The capital of Australia is a city that is a fantastic place to visit.


Despite its small stature, the city has some nice colonial architecture and a lively arts and food scene.

Gold Coast

Apartment blocks tower above the city┬┤s almost endless array of beaches, with Surfers Paradise being the most popular of them all.

Natural Wonders Of Australia

Great Barrier Reef

The only living thing on Earth visible from space is the world's largest reef system with 400 different types of coral and 1,500 species of tropical fish.


Uluru, or Ayers Rock, is a sandstone monolith sacred to some. It's famed for the different hues that bathe it, particularly at sunrise and sunset.

Shark Bay

The bay has many shallow peninsulas and is home to dugongs, as well as many threatened species, dolphins and the world's most diverse seagrass.

The Pinnacles

A three-hour drive north of Perth, these limestone formations were created 30,000 years ago when the receding ocean left deposits of seashells on the shore.

Australian Coast Walking Adventures

Bondi to Coogee

The most famous and quintessential experiences taking you through stunning beaches, and offers panoramic views over the east coast shore.

Cape Byron Lighthouse, Byron Bay

Takes you on a coastal journey through rainforest, grasslands, and beaches, as you slowly make your way up to the lighthouse.

Seal Bay Conservation Park, Kangaroo Island

The beautiful sandy beach is home to a protected colony of sea lions, making this coastal walk a must-do when visiting Kangaroo Island.

Great Ocean Walk, Apollo Bay

There are shorter walks, dotted along the coastal strip, including Crayfish Bay, perfect for snorkelling, and The Gables, offering one of the most spectacular clifftop lookouts across the Great Ocean.

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